Why your business should have a Point of Sale System

If you have a business that takes money from your customers at the front desk, you need to have a good and robust sales software package, or Point of Sale, sometimes called POS.

Why your business should have a Point of Sale System

  1. Today, most products have bar code tags attached. This means that the product can be delivered to the sales invoice via a bar code scanner. There are several advantages of doing this.

Product Point of Sale or p.o.s. As it is scanned to, the product is immediately identified by the software. The seller is not trying to find the right product code, and the right product is charged because the seller is not given the opportunity to choose the wrong product from the price list.

  1. You have a computerized reporting system that tells you exactly what is being sold and how easily and how much money you have in the drawer.
  2. Your stock control is automatically handled for you. You know exactly what you need to order and what products are not selling well.
  3. Your staff may be able to offer their friends a special price or, in fact, they charge at all, there is little chance of a point of sale to reduce wholesale theft. There are employees who see stealing as a privilege to increase their home payments. There are even people who think it’s their right.
  4. With a point of sale, your customer will have a professional looking receipt for the transaction, which will improve your business image.
  5. Point of Sale Software (POS) will look into any tax implications associated with the sale and thereby reduce your role in manual calculations.

Factors to be considered when selecting a point of sale

* P.O.S. Suitable for your industry

* Easy to use? Or should new staff be given extensive and costly training?

* Does it track all sales history so you can view your daily transactions? Or is it just a viable production mechanism?

* Is there a back office accounting system involved? Or you may have to repost every day

* Does it have the ability to use a bar code scanner and open a cash drawer at the right time? It is important to be safe to access the cash drawer and not open it at any time.

* Does it report different types of payments, such as cash, different credit cards, account customer payments? This is important and what is the value of non-cash paid sales when you balance cash at the end of the day?

* Do you want your point-of-sale system to process your customers’ payments? So having some cash in one form or another in the cash drawer without a proper sale

 Security issues to consider when choosing a POS software system

The seller can handle the sale once the customer leaves the premises after making a sale. It may look like a low-value sale, but in doing so put some of your money into your pocket

If it is easy for business owners to rely on trust and honesty and have little control over what is sold and what products are available, some employees may be tempted to take a little extra money.

I have seen staff members who have been working for a long time resist new sales methods when installing them. Sometimes they are quite hostile to the whole thing. You can only guess why, and not just because you don’t want to change it.

Point of Sale software should be able to trigger a cash drawer when making a sale, as well as produce a detailed receipt for the customer. In some countries the law also specifies the tax levied on these receipts.