Why you should have Healthy Banana Bread?

Healthy Banana Bread


We all love to live healthy, as well as we all love to eat bakery foods. So, how can we live healthy while eating bakery products? Since there is a high content of calories, sugar and fat. But now you can make healthy bakery bread at your home. We are going to talk about healthy banana bread, which can give you both taste as well as nutrition. This is an ideal food which can deliciously use wholesome ingredients to enjoy daily. You can also have a variety of healthy Banana Bread. Keto Banana Bread, Banana Bread with walnuts, Banana Bread with almond flour is some varieties you can try which increase the healthiness.


Health Benefits of Banana Bread.


Main ingredients of banana bread can consider as unsalted butter or coconut oil, mashed ripe banana, honey, whole wheat flour, eggs, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. You can see that all these ingredients increase the healthiness, and you can have a healthy banana bread from this. Let’s have a look at the health benefits of Banana bread.


  • Banana is the main ingredient of this Bread, which gives natural sweet taste and aroma to the food. Banana is rich in carbohydrates that act as an essential nutrient for mental and physical processes. And also there are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, dietary fibre and minerals like Potassium in banana. Studies have shown that banana can decrease the risk of cancers and lower the blood pressure level. Further banana is an excellent food to improve digestive health.


  • Whole grain flour is one of the main ingredients of the banana bread. This contains, all layers of grain which source of vitamins and minerals. Mainly it has vitamin B6 and magnesium for energy production. Further, fibre is another primary nutrient which includes in whole grain. Fibre helps to lead proper digestion and increases satiety.


  • Healthy Banana Bread is rich with protein that can help for the growth, recovery and repair the muscles. As per to the USDA National Nutrient Database, there may be around 3g of protein in 60g of banana bread. Protein also can stabilize blood sugar levels.


  • Since banana bread includes healthy oils, this offers you monosaturated fats. This can help to lower the cholesterol level.


Keto Banana Bread is a low carb recipe which can make gluten-free, grain-free and sugar-free healthy Banana Bread. 


Banana Bread with walnuts


You can add chopped walnuts for your Banana bread as an ingredient to make it healthier. Because walnuts are rich in antioxidants and this is a great plant source of Omega-3. This can decrease the risk of cancers, inflammation, and type 2 diabetes. You can lose your weight by eating walnuts. It also promotes a healthy gut as well as healthy ageing.



Banana Bread with Almond flour


You can add almond flour instead of wheat flour to make banana bread. You can also add oat flour and ground flour with almond flour. Almond provides more health benefits to this bread while creating a healthier banana bread. This is rich with minerals and healthy fats which can lower the blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


Banana bread is a dense nutrition food which can have as a dessert as well as breakfast. If you are a food lover, this will be a better delicious healthy food to experience.