Business suit – women


Whether you like it or not, the first impression people get from you is your appearance. When looking for an interview or if you’ve already been hired, you always want to look the best. Clean cut, professional looking people are considered a professional. The way you dress sends people specific signifiers. Let’s start from head to foot for women. First of all, never wear too much jewelry or makeup. A jewelry item is enough. There is plenty of little ring or small earrings on one finger. Big loop ladies. The makeup should be conservative, a simple powder or concealer and barely any eye makeup. Lipstick is not appropriate during an interview. It’s not professional. The woman’s dress should be wool, linen or cotton / polyester. Stay with navy, gray and medium blues for at least the first interview. When it comes to blouses, solid fabrics and natural fabrics, such as cotton or silk, look clean and professional. Scarf says a lot about a businesswoman; It is a powerful status symbol. The shoes should never be open-toed and should remain in the 2-inch heel. The color of your shoe should be the same or darker than your skirt. Pantyhose should always be a neutral skin tone. Shortcuts are a great choice for a business woman, but don’t carry your wallet. It seems strange to try to joke around them. You should choose brown or burgundy, black or navy, either is fine. You don’t need to distract the interviewer with your dress, makeup or accessories. Last but not least, your personal hygiene. Bad breath, headache, body odor and dirty nails do not make you feel good. When it comes to body odor, that’s what you eat. If you consume large amounts of garlic, onion, coriander, and garbage, it will not only show up on your skin, it will also leak through your pores. Gross. Make sure you eat a natural and healthy diet that always smells pleasant.