What Is A Meditation Pillow?


If you are a person who is interested in meditation, this item will be very useful for you. In a way, it can be considered as a necessity too. To do the meditation successfully, you should be comfortable in mind. You cannot do it if any fact disturbs you. So, we are going to present about meditation pillow that can help you.


Why do we need a meditation pillow?

There are many reasons for the question why we should buy a meditation pillow. For example,

  • You are expecting to sit on a certain floor, and you are going to spend a long time. So, your spines need some help to hold your body.
  • Sitting on a same place for a much time causes to have achy and many pains in your feet.

Meditation pillow works as a prob that helps to hold your body. You can do your meditation with this pillow because it helps to avoid pains and make it comfortable. That’s why we recommend it. So, you have this cushion at your own home too.


How to use this meditation pillow?

There is a certain position that you must try here. This is a pose that you sit with crossed legs. Be aware of your joints not to have any strain. You must keep the hips opened. So, now the meditation pillow will protect your spine from pains.


Types of meditation pillows

V-Shape Yoga Cushion

This pillow is good for pains in thighs and pelvis. This is the best one for those who are having issues in knees. Most of the time, the people who has low back, select this pillow.

Zen Yoga Pillow

As a result of the shape, this one is higher in size than other pillows. If your hips are tight, you can select this one. This is also a perfect cushion for the people who face many troubles to sit and spend time on the floor.


Have a better experience with meditation pillow! Try it!