Lower Back Core Workouts


Kneeling Extension

You must Kneel on the ground by putting your hands down and knees. They should be below the hips directly. Keep your muscles in core tight. Then, lift the right arm. Do not do it fast. Just do it slowly. After that, extend to forward. Now we are going to lift our left leg. At this point, we do not move it forward. Just extend it to back. The toes should be pointed down. Hold the pose for ten seconds and repeat it.

Hip Lifts

This exercise will help you to improve the strength of the muscles in the core and back. This is just a simple activity. Keep the body parallel to the ground and keep the arms flat too. Then, bend the knees. Now, rotate the pelvis. Then, push the lower back down to the ground. Hold the pose and lift the middle section with the help of the legs. Arms will help you to keep the balance. As the last step, repeat the same after holding ten seconds.

Abdominal Chair Crunch

Do you have a pain in the lower back? Who loves to keep a pain! So, make the core strong. It will help to reduce pain. Lie on the back and keep the legs on a chair. The fingers should be kept under behind the head. Then, we do the next step using chin. Lift it to the ceiling. Now, elevate the shoulder using muscles in the abdominal. This is the final step. Go back to the first position and repeat it.

Plank Hold

This is a perfect exercise for core muscles. It improves the strength of the lower back too. On the ground, you must lie facing down. Keep the muscles of the stomach tight. Then, raise the body up. Do not do it fast. Keeping muscles of core tight is very important here. Raise the bottom. So, this pose will help you to avoid strain.