How to have a Successful Business Meal

Business food

Sometimes your future boss or your boss decides to start a meeting or interview in a weird place like a hotel lobby. First things first, get there early, find a comfortable, quiet place to sit and relax while waiting. You need to take several steps to release some tension as well.

If an interviewer wants to protect you, they will prepare a business meal at a local restaurant. There are a few key things to keep in mind in this diet. Your social support will be monitored and you will be treated as a whole person. Most of the time, a food interview is a second interview, so you are under intense scrutiny. Ordering food or drinks can signal poor self-discipline, thereby challenging your judgment and maturity. If you are unfair with waiters and bus personnel, it indicates that you are not in tune with subordinates and therefore lack leadership skills.

First, you need to refrain from drinking alcohol because it confuses your mind and cognition. If you have a light wine, never order more than a glass. Water is a better choice, but if your interviewer orders alcohol, you might as well.

Smoking is tricky. If your interviewer is a smoker and he / she is illuminated, you can join, but never light up during a meal.

Never order a mess like spaghetti or lazy joe, and never fill your mouth. It is easy to order what your interviewer does. Once your order is processed, do not change it. Do not order expensive food. Never order anything with bones.

Finally, if the waiter places the bill in front of you, do not touch it. It is the duty of the interviewer to pay; You should never offer to share payments. Thanks to the host for the wonderful meal.