In the business world, where more often than not someone is entering and someone is exiting, sustenance is not as easy as it sounds. And in this backdrop, growing business by keeping abreast of market trends and by making more and more appeal to the target audience is something very challenging.

Gone are the days when businesses could measure their performance by how much sway they hold in the market over their competitors. Nowadays, the success of each step taken, each endeavour made boils down to only one thing – how bigger the sales are getting. Sales and profits have become the yardstick of performance of any business. Hence, no effort should be spared to grow sales. Here’s a list of top techniques that work in this respect.

1. Content Marketing: Currently, we are living in the era where internet is considered as the favourite place to be for people from all walks of life. Whether you want to learn, read, socialise, earn, educate, communicate, get entertained, get informed, impress, shop or do anything you want, the web can let you do all of them. And the more the people are becoming dependent on the internet, the more the power of content marketing is getting unleashed. Content marketing is premised on relationship marketing, which is the concept more appreciated by everyone. In this type of marketing, businesses are not running after prospective customers; but they are adopting smart ways by which they are encouraging such customers to closely pursue them on various online platforms.

Content marketing guarantees a number of benefits, which are pre-qualified leads, higher conversion rates, lower marketing costs, higher customer satisfaction, lower customer acquisition rates and many more. For the sake of these benefits and leaving an indelible impression on the minds of the interested masses, you should employ content marketing tools as well.

2. Giveaways: The thing with giveaways is that you would make your customers honour bound. If you choose to give out promotional marketing products to a handful of your customers chosen randomly and make your other customers know about this gesture of yours, you would, in a way, be making the customers bind to do something for you. And that something would turn your customers into your brand advocates, if they are really satisfied with the product you are selling. And once you would earn their confidence, you can expect it leading to faster sales. Therefore, make use of right promotional merchandise as much as you can.

3. Upsell: How many times were you prodded into buying those French fries additionally with your meal by the sales boy standing on the counter of some xyz food joint? This is how marketing via upsell is. This is a really effective way of marketing if adopted in a smart way. It is efficient in increasing sales in no time. It takes advantage of those who are in buying mood from you and are capable of affording more than just a product that they want. Marketers see this moment as easy to close an additional and related (often supplementary) sale.

4. Advertise: Advertising does not boil down to a mere means to sell a product in any which way. Marketers are often found choosing the ways which end up either deceiving customers or making exaggerated claims about the products. This is a thing which customers dislike the most. Advertising rather should be done in a smart way. It should be something that arouses potential customers, who are now more discerning than ever, to try the product in an honest manner. And only if your product is good enough to live up to the claims, customers will return to buy it from you the next time. So, make sure you have worked to your fullest potential on the product prior to advertising it. Besides, ensure that you do not hire one advertising firm for each of your products’ advertising. Have different firms at your service so that you can make out which one’s results are better than the other.

5. Free samples: If you choose to distribute free samples to the bloggers who are closely followed by many or to the selective customers themselves, you would see the sales of the product in question surging. The idea is once you encourage customers start using your product or service, they will not mind keep returning to their preferred brand. Spike in sale is ultimately promised.