Free Accounting Software For New Start-up

Free Accounting Software For New Start-up

Most start-up business want to work with as small work as possible, and most business owners are not famous for their accounting skills. Sometimes your business need to very small and simple software. Maybe  you don’t have the time or desire to wrap your money around. You may be comfortable with complex accounting but you don’t have the money to pay for expensive professional accounting software.

Whatever the reason, you should look into your finances and stay on top of your accounting. The need to track revenues and outflows is obvious, but proper professional accounting can prevent you from spending more.

It helps you understand your past action and plan for the future. Provide professional- looking reports and invoices to prospective and current customers and investors, providing credibility to your business. If you use it well, it can give your business the potential to graw and expand in an unexpected way. 

In fact, the accounting software you need depends  on what you need to do with your business, so we have selected five tools that can help you do what you need to do with your finances and your business. Read on to find out five free accounting tools for start-ups.


TurboCash is an accounting tool. You can download directly to your computer. So that you do not need cloud or internet access to used it. It is billed as a “developed, high drawer, small and medium sized business accounting package” that gives small business owners the accounting tools used by large international companies. This programme allows you to manage invoices, stock controls, creditors and borrowers, manage VAT accounting, balance sheets and income statements, and all kinds of records.

Unlike may other free packages you can add other people to your account, so few can manage books. You can manage multiple companies using one programme. Still, the program is not designed for those unfamiliar with accounting and will take some time to get used to.


Wave is one of the most popular free accounting software options out there.  Because it is smooth professional and cloud-based, it strikes a wide range of response from modern entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners. You can use the limited service and it will provide you with an advertising and email offers to keep the service free. In limited service, it includes unlimited invoicing capabilities, including the ability to make credit card payments with digital invoices. It can integrate with your  other business accounts, including your online banking account, paypal account, digital invoices and more, So you can automatically generate records and track your money without the need to manually enter anything. It can automatically manage payroll, So you and your employees get paid on time by your side.


Quickfile is considered an “ accounting system for non-accounts” and is designed from the  outset to be as simple and tedious as possible. When you log in for the first time, it take you through the entire process , with the step by step tutorial . ts simplicity does not mean that it is not powerful. For example, you can upload and delete months’ worth of accounts, tagging and sorting through inbound and outbound traffic with a few clicks. It allows you to add payment options including PayPal, Bitcoin, Stripe and other online payment options. It automatically creates backups of your files every 15 minutes, so you have do not have to worry about losing all your work.


Like TurboCash, gnuCash is an open source sources that you can download directly to your computer. However, this program is more user-friendly and flexible.

It also generates charts to help you find your money more easily. It has all the tools a small business owner needs to find financing and plan for the future. Best of all, it is device- friendly and beginner friendly. You can use it on Apple, Windows, Linux and other operating systems. It is designed to be easy to use and if you want to access it on the go, you can download the Android app.

NCH Express Invoice

If you are an individual group, you will not need complicated accounting software. You need to be able to create and track invoices, and you need help paying taxes. You may even want to calculate VAT, but you’ll be dealing with relatively small cash and relatively simple calculation . If that what you want to the NHH express invoice is a good option.

You can create customized, branded invoices, prices and orders quickly. You can set up recurring invoices automatically and add multiple users. Once you set up a customer account, all you have to do is type in the customer’s name and product description, and it generates the invoice for you . You can even access the program remotely.

These accounting software can help you start your business with better management and efficiency.