Do’s and Don’ts of Business Parties


Here it is again the holiday season and Abby and Mrs. Manners care about our social ethics and I would like to share some practical tips for business holiday parties.

Here are some DO’S….
Participate in the event: It is not expected to show that it may or may not be necessary, but attending is not really an option. That is, if you want to work there next year.
RSV If You Respond – Watch Out For All: Most businesses are paid by number of attendees and are calculated by the number of RSVPs.
Ing, mix and move: Talk to different people and learn something new. Don’t get in touch with your usual water cooler friends.
Pay attention to start and end the invitation time: This is for a reason, you do not want to exceed your acceptance.
Business Remember that any business party is actually a business event: it may be outside the standard office meeting and come with food and drinks, but the same rules apply.
කරන්න Limit gift giving: Colleagues will feel obligated to give gifts instead of receiving gifts. If you give in, give it to the heart and keep it simple, at a minimum.
Dress appropriately and professionally: Not everyone is looking at you, and this is not the time to wear provocative clothing. Lean toward a conservative or classic look.
Thank-You Give: Write a thank-you note when appropriate, or tell the host / hostess that you enjoyed the celebration in a private home.

Now for what not to do… ..
Y say “yes” to a blind date: you do not know who the person is or he / she is. Rule – When in doubt, stagnate.
F Flirting or frisky: This is a fitting and adult behavior threshold at a business event.
න්න Drink too much: It is not worth taking the opportunity to say something you did not expect. The rule is, limit yourself to 2 drinks.
Business All Business Talk: Boring !! After all, it’s a social gathering. Guests need to have fun, get to know each other and have a different experience apart from their daily office work.
Business Opportunity for New Businesses: Tiki !!
උප Assume that everyone celebrates the same holiday: If you say “Happy Christmas” to someone who is not on holiday, they may be offended. Generally say goodbye.
දෙන්න Give Gag Gifts: This is not the place to offend or embarrass someone.
S gossip: Gossip is generally harmful in any situation and is not a good practice, but it is not particularly appropriate in a business-related event.

With these tips under your belt, your look for the next business holiday will be a success.

The majority of business professionals know these things, but there are always new people to the company who may not be as experienced as some of us.