COVID-19: Tracing The First Month Of The Novel Coronavirus

it came without warning and it spreads,like wildfire but until today its,origins remain a mystery the new 2019,novel coronavirus is very unusual,it was the same suspect much easier,between both of us editing individuals,since it was first discovered in Wuhan,the capital city of China’s Hubei,Province late nastya the virus has,killed more than 1,200 people and,infected at least 45 thousand others,worldwide for every single person who is,affected it seems as if there’s going to,be up to three or maybe four other,persons who could also be affected Danny,on true unity ensues and Elijah has a,vigil Ronda you become casual I touch a,bit of cumin the whole idea of a Toronto,Wuhan and other surrounding cities have,now been placed under a lockdown in a,frantic effort to contain the spread of,the virus,some 60 million residents have also been,effectively cut off from the outside,world,you don’t hunt you didn’t she eat,something you don’t have a friend you,know that somehow it’s our true sensual,400-meter failure what exactly is the,2019 novel coronavirus can the spread of,this highly infectious disease be,contained the 2019 novel coronavirus or,the Wuhan virus has been compared to the,deadly SARS virus of 2002 the global,outbreak of SARS was contained in nine,months,but what of this Wuhan virus in just two,months the number of infections in China,alone has surpassed the total number of,SARS patients are we looking at a global,pandemic,[Music],[Music],a climate of fear has descended on Wuhan,the capital city of China’s Hubei,Province home to 11 million people many,are asking will they be the next victim,if so when they also can’t bear the,thought of losing the loved ones as a,mysterious but lethal virus wreaks havoc,in the city,the corona virus has killed more than,1,200 people in just two months the,disease has also infected thousands of,people at a staggering speed and scale,that’s triggering fears of a new global,pandemic,20:19 novel coronavirus is very unusual,we are familiar with SARS and we,honestly we mesh control SARS in about,six to nine months worldwide which is,actually quite amazing and if you look,at the numbers we had 8,000 10,000,people on all and and this was over,several months but we look at what’s,happening to 2019 novel coronavirus by,seeing a whole lot of numbers coming up,very rapidly over in just a month,it all began deep in the winter month of,December 2019 a quiet but deadly,scenario was unraveling in Wuhan City,following a mysterious illness that had,stricken a handful of people with,symptoms of fever and cough vahana,started over eight recover I knew your,viral infection and then for the,clinical talk conditions talk you will,be caught water atypical varo or,atypical pneumonia be you have a typical,person coming Reviva hey dig a bit of,cough muscle aches it sounds very much,like a flu-like illness but you know,something’s not quite right because a,chest x-ray becomes abnormal number two,a lot of the test swabs for the,influenza B negative or the other,viruses are negative,number three you see groups or people,coming into the same illness and,although they had the same pattern,Chinese health authorities identified,the first patient who showed such,symptoms on December 8th last year the,Trickle rapidly sped up to infect scores,of others two of the earliest patients,reportedly worked at the horn and,seafood wholesale market in Wuhan the,tipping point arrived hard and fast when,the ones innocent,symptoms claimed the life of the first,victim On January 9th 2020 the,mysterious virus killed a 61 year old,man who was known to be a regular,customer at the market and the initial,investigations seems to show that a,majority of the small number of cases,that they had a lot of them seemed to,pinpoint to that part of the market,which was actually dealing with the,wildlife trade and so with these kinds,of information it appears to be somehow,hopping over from the wildlife may be,inter species we don’t know because all,these animals are kept together in cages,and it’s a nice meal for them to hop,over from one species to the other and,then from there they can sort of you,know hop the species barrier and get on,to humans,chyna alert at the World Health,Organization of a mysterious virus,outbreak in Wuhan on December 31st by,the time the whu-oh declared the,outbreak as a global emergency on,January 29th the virus has spread to all,of China’s thirty-one provinces and more,than 25 countries across Asia Europe and,North America when you hear story when,you see the story misspelled deja vu it,really smells very much like the sauce,which we had in 2003 and true enough the,cases became more and more and then,suddenly there was an explosion of cases,the 20-19 novel coronavirus outbreak is,eerily similar to the 2002 SARS epidemic,back then,SARS swept through the region infecting,some 8,000 people and killed 774 when it,was first detected Chinese health,authorities denied it was the deadly,SARS virus the severe acute respiratory,syndrome of 2002 subsequent discoveries,revealed the latest outbreak was caused,by a corona virus with 76% genetic,similarity to the SARS coronavirus the,only difference is compared to SARS it,is apparently less lethal but far more,contagious for every single person who,is affected it seems as if there’s going,to be up to three or maybe four other,persons who could also be affected so if,you take 6,000 maybe there’s probably at,least another 20 or 30,000 people that,are out there and this is a very,conservative estimates because the,numbers are likely to be much more,exponential than that,the 2019 novel coronavirus is very,unusual because he seems to spread much,easier between both of us between,individuals simply coming close are,talking imagery spread the infection not,like SARS,early studies suggest that the,incubation period of the virus that is,from the time of exposure to the time,when signs and symptoms begin to show is,about five to seven days it looks likely,that patients or carriers of the virus,can infect others when they are,asymptomatic meaning when they don’t,have signs of being ill there was this,asymptomatic infection and mild,infections and now we hear about the,people who can be infectious even during,the incubation period the scenario seems,different in the case of SARS which,appears to have lower infection rates,infectious diseases specialist dr. Lee,young-ho Nam is very familiar with the,deadly virus he was after all a former,SAS patient himself he contracted the,virus back in 2003 while tending to a,female patient who flew into Singapore,from Hong Kong infection of patients,Assad happened best in the second half,of the illness after the first seven,days in other words even the foresake,and I can confine myself in the first,seven days I can effectively prevent the,spread of the virus to the next person,but 20-19 novel corner vise is different,you can actually find a virus in people,with no symptoms and is postulated and,mr. health in China himself that these,asymptomatic individuals these,individuals with no symptoms can spread,person-to-person,and we don’t even need to wait to the,seven days before symptoms onset disease,may spread even before the answer,illness this allows the virus to,propagate very quickly across large,swathes of area many many people and,hence we are seeing these numbers of,unpress,and spread of infections coronaviruses,are common in many species of animals,such as camels cattle civet cats and,bats on occasion the virus strains,mutate and spread from animals to humans,this jump was evident in the case of,SARS in 2002 in the Middle East,respiratory syndrome or MERS in 2012 and,now in the 2019 novel coronavirus,as it turned out the suspected ground,zero of the outbreak the now shuttered,seafood market in Wuhan was also dealing,in legal and illegal trade and,consumption of exotic wildlife the cages,do not get changed,and the poop is a lot to circulate so,you are breeding the ultimate virus that,one day will adapt well to the animals,out there that one day were dug to the,humans that keeps coming in contact,one day the right mutation will happen,where the receptor fits nicely well into,the humans and in turn a lot of,person-to-person transfer exactly which,animal and what was the reservoir and so,on and so forth of course that will take,some time for us to get to know it took,a while for us to figure that out for,SARS as well it took some ten munzee if,I’m not mistaken so this is going to go,on for a bit the situation is evolving,so quickly and the virus is getting,stronger the infection is infection,number of infections are likely to rise,so I think we just have to be,psychologically prepared that this can,get worse than SARS,as the number of infections continues to,grow at an alarming rate the China dream,is now gradually turning into a virus,nightmare for the government as it,struggles to contain the spread of the,pneumonia like virus how are ordinary,people reacting,how are the health care workers on the,front line coping with at least 16,cities and some 16 million people under,quarantine,in China little may your hosts ray may,your true father,seongcheol Collider evenly like she’s in,Syria to earn drunk idle politically I,heart you too though dancer also a,little candle for home in English house,it oh my hunger all my fire on with that,lil hunt what do the one thing we don’t,have any kind of cool,[Music],it’s the middle of January 2020 the,number of reported cases of those,infected but the novel coronavirus in,China has begun to soar,hospitals have been struggling to cope,with people suspected of contracting the,deadly virus resources were also,stretched to the limit as the number of,patients with fever and breathing,difficulties kept growing every single,day,we will gather joy in legal question,what did the cytotoxic her or my soul,can’t die back little may your host a,major fan sale collider reduction there,once the,you know with the woman he monster which,ended up in your sanity of ample mundo,and your Me Tender stands on we were no,immediate industrials until miss another,kumudam chance again,wasn’t I wanted by this time cases of,the novel coronavirus had found its way,to major Chinese cities far away from,the epicenter Beijing in the north and,Shenzhen in the south,Joel th Jung is a senior nurse at a,pediatric ward in Shenzhen when she was,first alerted about the major outbreak,she quickly signed up to be a volunteer,with the infectious diseases department,even though she’s not trained in dealing,with infectious diseases she took it in,her stride she felt compelled to help,her colleagues who have been overwhelmed,by the sheer number of people seeking,medical help,tanker ferryman jumpin Idaho,Scissorhands out at Hammond Co Sangha,Gong McCartney is really and truly a,knight Sir Ian Harmon when she learnt,about the virus outbreak it was just,days before the Chinese New Year,holidays many of the hospital staff were,already on leaf that contributed to the,shortage of health care workers and it,was a matter of time before chaos,started to surface in the already,rapidly deteriorating situation,Banyon true unity and Elijah has beetle,Rhonda victim in high school I touch a,bit of pink one the whole idea of a,Toronto Tania nitrogen was to the pipe,and Patti – lúthien pilot yuri pichugin,dangling hand cans in the main Amador,kansan Fang quote she can use some cans,in the Coutinho passage or specialize a,Python an original Yoshioka mechanics,even your children so mayor young had,some jongmyo losing things interest,now how many Aiko like Hannah new,Henderson is a cool one the ho times in,the theater 70s rule Alicia the conjurer,now hope well I out your site’s had a,onto the silicon the resources in the,hospital are overwhelmed there’d be many,videos that we shared on social media,about what’s happening in China and the,hospitals and as a health care worker I,pray for the health care workers in,China because they are going through a,difficult time,and on their faces are fatigue,exhaustion,I just cannot take the next day forward,there were emotionally trying moments,for Joe including one occasion when she,had to separate a child who’s been,infected with the virus from her parents,but she had to be firm for the sake of,their own safety didn’t shoot a woman,Deeping should not be any oh you can,wash his hands Ian so there you go say,hi to Papa mama certain go hungry later,Papa mama made some drunk that’s who she,hides Salah Shehadeh fascial the ho na,ho warming search email emissions Isis,is a Peter children the whole mentioned,her Papa mama we are tied up in funda,the holder to chill of your night Mike,alright so cool no Papa mama take,hundred Charlie no that’s a general,woman’s and to do have Cambodian Xin,chào tough wait here that’s how you put,up with so much draw to surveil about,what that yeah sure you’re in the ancien,January 20th was a critical turning,point in the way authorities dealt with,the virus outbreak four weeks after the,virus first surfaced Chinese authorities,had insisted that the mystery virus was,restricted to the animal vector on that,day however China’s renowned and,respected epidemiologist dr. Jang,Nanshan dropped the bombshell in a TV,interview he confirmed cases of human to,human transmission of the deadly,coronavirus,that dramatically altered the way China,dealt with the outbreak,in the bold and unprecedented move China,put a city of Wuhan with the population,of 11 million people under quarantine,all roads to the city was sealed off and,public transportation was shut down the,lockdown was expanded to the larger,Hubei Province with some 16 million,people the Chinese government has at,least tried to restrict inflow and,outflow into the province itself travel,at Sai outside China itself has been,constrained which has helped to at least,contain the flow of people they have,extended the holiday period for the,Chinese New Year as well the few things,that they could have done better is,obviously shared information in a more,timely fashion in a situation like this,where you have an epidemic mass hysteria,can actually cause more problems than,anything else so sharing information,earlier would have been a bit better I,think it’s actually a very good strategy,and I think that they could only do this,in China and the fact that the Chinese,government officials did it tells me,they were really desperate and you can,imagine people are left to die inside,the city with minimal unrestricted aid,you can’t get out and to put it in very,blunt terms yeah,cities a lot to burn and the diseases,allowed to carry on and the city is,being sacrificed for the good of this,nation and for the good of the global,war,still there are many Wuhan natives who,are worried about the fate of their,loved ones still trapped in the city 22,year old Lu Wu Yin is one of them she,has been working in Beijing for the last,one year and was looking forward to,return to Wuhan to celebrate the new,year with her family but the,long-awaited homecoming failed to,materialize after news broke confirming,evidence of human-to-human transmissions,when her mother called her and told her,not to return to Wuhan she was,heartbroken going home for the new year,was something she was eagerly looking,forward to after being away from her,family for a year she to mention a car -,so to show children can enjoy a 200-mile,are gonna go Italia do how to toggle,yonder and although I can’t really turn,the pol about su tension holder so how,is that they don’t I Reba you’re sure,actually took off for Whole Foods of,hidradenitis entire in trying to force a,vote on Giacomo so typical Angelina ofHe,true producer tells I bet on herself,idea that there are English are you to,change phototropism done gentle may also,show,she spent the new year alone in Beijing,but that has not put a man at ease as,she kept thinking of her parents safety,and welfare typical sure about sure,ETL or ships in there Joel Halloran that,I’ve found yet they’re doing a few now,fucking memberships in kind she doesn’t,come home let me are how can happens I,sign the check your boat tomorrow,so you’re doing doom for long summer,you’re always sure so then Lord Rahl,knows your hearts it’s really like she’s,into each other and drown tidal bore,about how each other dance Nelson,Laurance a joke and all phones are,learning this house oh my young girl my,fire all about the hunt,what’s the one thing I don’t have any,character cool so easier you mean you,don’t hunt dancin dancin,you didn’t reaching and you don’t have a,fare on your normal somehow Tahoe true,sensual phone tone Dominguez holla,Oh doctor yeah well I’m not sure no,woman’s just had actually something that,would look over a whole kind of,overlooked engine tell ya Amanda,phonetic would she do that,diagur it tells me that the mono spread,there is before the lockdown was,unprecedented very rapid number too many,people were falling very sick and they,were going to get out of mahon,for the Chinese New Year Festival,festivity and from there the spell will,be even unprecedented so what the,Chinese government did was correct and,is the right thing to do,he seems very how heartless it seems,unimaginable but this a right thing to,do,when SARS broke out in 2002 the world,was caught unaware but just how lethal,the virus was and how fast it could,spread today the rapid spread of the,2019 novel coronavirus is just as,alarming 17 years after SARS,did we get complacent will we pay the,price for letting our guard down or is,the world more prepared to deal with the,potential global pandemic,[Music],just days after the World Health,Organization was alerted to the possible,outbreak of a mysterious virus in Wuhan,on December 31st 2019 countries,responded by ramping up their internal,defenses against a possible spread of,the virus Singapore for example,implemented thermal screenings at the,airports for all travelers coming from,Wuhan it has since banned all Chinese,visitors and furnace with the recent,history of travel to China today on,almost every continent countries have,taken similar steps of closing their,borders to flights and foreign visitors,from China as the number of infections,outside China grows there are more than,45,000 confirmed cases of the novel,coronavirus,in more than 25 other countries and,territories so far two deaths outside,mainland China have also been reported,one in Hong Kong and the other in the,Philippines there are many problems but,one of the chief ones will be the global,travel because you know even if you say,let’s not get people coming in from,China but then there are many people who,are already affected outside of China,and these people are still travelling,everywhere and so we are still,vulnerable that is actually going to,lead to a lot of asymptomatic people,around the globe who cannot display,symptoms and then they have the,possibility to transmit now how,infectious and how transmissible they,are we don’t know painful memories of,SARS have left a mark on the two Asian,cities Hong Kong and Singapore they both,suffered the biggest brunt of the,respiratory illness outside mainland,China,there were two hundred ninety nine,deaths in Hong Kong and 33 in Singapore,but that painful experience has helped,the region deal with the new deadly,virus more effectively the Hong Kong,nurse was fabulous,the Hongkongers administrators knew what,to do they were not hesitant in shutting,down schools declaring emergencies and,locking down the individuals and in,Singapore where I am very very,intimately aware we have been having,annual drills or SARS like viruses we,have been preparing this for the last 16,years and enough said we are now ready,for the 2019 novo coronaviruses you can,see books and stacks of protocols are,written what to do it this happens what,to do if you’re not where to identify,areas for quarantine worship people rest,where do we get extra stuff from what,happens in the school to close what,happens if nobody could work where do,you get this extra manpower all these,questions are answered way before this,outbreak doctor you Jerseyan is the,chief physician of the infectious,diseases department in Union Hospital in,Shenzhen when he first heard of the,mysterious virus he was taken by,surprise returns to Japan was a kind of,witness Amin Bowden fastener,Chinchin going up into the region don’t,you the 519 yeah thanks to the head of,Korean woman your tourism tribe we all,know eating request record on,he then set up an emergency response,team in the hospital and recruited,volunteer colleagues from other,departments so many champion,well can you occur the citizen you my,woman indeed astonishing I’m a going,home,I’m trying to conquer – abandoned don’t,own any now simple go on another,innovative strategy by dr. you was to,set up a telemedicine unit the idea was,to provide critical information to the,people who were unsure if they were,really ill as well as to ease the burden,of hospital staff due to the escalating,number of Admissions,I mean why just the woman yeah,understand data to yong-chul Kaizen who,anyone even the ones on Simkin hi I’m,Adam gotta go on strong position and go,India injured a fool in the hunter song,I’m not a Nintendo or more senses you 90,reach a new module I want to go one time,mmm what I want Sgt Eric Hyden see Donna,from be no wonder the transition theory,which also coolant is you can up into,the urine,she won bin dokkan i’m,tavini simple final a note on door,father pin you down on dimension she,chose her okay sweet and recent mission,and cheating is insulting even daddy,enjoy Ally salvo Jesus an Ohio woman say,Chen Tian Guang Zhao Zhi Jing Jie some,channel so coin reach in there you go,yeah aficionado Roman create fuller Wan,yan xishan Futurama hakuzo-su transition,ho chi sao mendoza fancy ahora su héroe,see J Omega T so sorcery sensation,Buddha question of ownership children,John – yo Joe shavon tangent associate,on queries search engine where for most,recent aha moment three teens it handles,open data party into the homes helpful,now hold on,woman 2 why she saw the day and John Joe,Chiodo,yesterday non-surgical solution citizen,salami Ocean City announced the horse,engine in sir,in Ohio soju down here for Joel to a,Chun is also glad to be of assistance,the pediatric nurse even volunteered to,go for emergency training to help handle,patients who suffer from the new,pneumonia like a virus dissipation de,and huh what do you got I’ll cut the,horseshit what tension ho ho ta solar,satsang since in Finland the patient,turned a simple salary but essentially,interchange at but energy shortage,impatient satsang hang a fan controllers,SDA page in the hunt thoughts to even,say time Joseph MN yet each other,channel yo-yo Lina China’s continued,efforts to ramp up treatment and,containment measures also included the,construction of two new hospitals in,Wuhan they were completed in under two,weeks,authorities recalled thousands of,construction workers during the Chinese,New Year holidays doubled and tripled,their salary and they went around the,clock to build the two hospitals which,provided 2,500 beds still many,challenges remain at the heart of all,containment strategy is the,understanding of what doctors call the,pyramid at the tip of the pyramid you,have the persons who are symptomatic,then at the bottom of the pyramid you,have people who are you know less,Intermatic and then you have the,asymptomatic big huge chunk at the,bottom of the pyramid so in order to,understand how you’re going to contain,you need to know the big pyramid but,here if you focus only on the iceberg at,the top you are going to get hit by,what’s below,Mason has taught us with limited,resources you only treat those who are,the sickest,so the seeker so get emitted and this,would be the top of the pyramid and what,we are seeing Paris are just a top ten,twenty percent,of the patients and for the rest of the,80% we are not seeing we are not,treating we are not quarantine instead,we are releasing them back into the,public where they can in turn reinfect,on this what we are not seeing would be,the greater base at the pyramid which,are easily 40 times more than what we,are seeing now these are the ones where,the active propagation of the virus,since the World Health Organization,declared the novel coronavirus outbreak,as a global emergency international,response has been Swift all flights to,and from Wuhan and the larger loop a,province have been banned and citizens,have also been advised against all,non-essential travels to China scores of,nations including Indonesia Philippines,Japan South Korea New Zealand France,Turkey and the US have scrambled to,evacuate their citizens from Wuhan City,as china’s struggles to come to grips,with the outbreak,[Music],should China be blamed for the latest,epidemic during the 2003 SARS outbreak,the government took some four months,before announcing to the world about the,severity of the crisis it was then,accused of withholding information and,covering up in the current epidemic it,took the government about one month to,declare after the first case was,reported on December 8th 2019 by January,12th Chinese scientists had already,identified the virus as the new corona,virus similar to SARS it has since shown,speed and political resolved to control,and contain the outbreak the Chinese,government has at least tried to,restrict inflow and outflow into the,province itself travel at Sai outside,China itself has been constrained which,has helped to at least contain the flow,of people they have extended the holiday,period for the Chinese New Year as well,so these are measures that are slightly,on the brighter side so there are some,positive signs where the Chinese,government has done some slightly,positive things,China’s swift response and relatively,greater openness has done little to,lessen the primeval fear,as the number of fatalities grow and,even as efforts to contain the spread of,the virus go into full swing the battle,against dirty viruses will not be won as,long as the root cause of the epidemic,has not been addressed I think we have,to go back to the root of the problem,whatever emerging or reimaging infection,it is and to understand the dynamics and,the nature in which it actually crossed,over to the human species where exactly,did we go wrong why are we allowing this,this issue of wildlife and humans to,come close to each other we should,abandon that and as the novel,coronavirus spreads there’s also growing,fear that the deadly pathogens or,viruses can mutate and spread to become,a more effective killing machine and,these viruses need to find a new host,human hosts outbreaks like MERS SARS,Ebola bird flu and now this new wuhan,virus shows just how vulnerable human,hosts are so what needs to change in our,human interaction with nature’s,creatures great and small,you,[Music],it’s been more than two months since the,first case of the new novel coronavirus,was discovered on December 8th 2019,streets in the typically bustling,Chinese cities are eerily quiet and,deserted such an unusual scene is now a,common sight in the country as fears,grow over the spread of the deadly,coronavirus turning the one’s vibrant,metropolis into virtual ghost towns,Honduran theatre shows actually curly,cuando las a cumbia not Indian at all,eaten Quan Pyrrha the area that I,worried you may hunt for Leos response,is typical for many Chinese the fear of,catching the Baris has forced many,people to avoid crowded places or engage,in outdoor activities as a Wuhan native,Lu has even been advised by her mother,not to speak in the Wuhan dialect to,avoid being mocked at or risk being,ostracized by other members of the,public,Johanna one main Tydfil mark so you may,pack a controlled out don’t you yo you,go show her sir all night I’m sure,you’re going back no holidays and or,better ha ha,I’m going down hollow shell well how hot,can enjoy whether anything with your,whole heart that I always say yeah yeah,I think my friend Ariel don’t kind of -,she is however more worried about the,situation involving her parents and her,friends despite all the assurances they,know that there’s only so much they can,do to protect themselves against the,marauding virus not known if and when,well either she or Darren Hammonds oil,so she recalled without shoes look know,what if a local mother tell you how,Horror Show changed and they don’t think,I’m not saying she the localizer what’s,holding up well Hammond canal you sure,you should come along,I heard he sent over to our scenarios,out how a larger issue so that would,have had a do you know or her to that,one gone so now what meant you did not,go to encourage industries which is,you’re not sure it’s another team she,took down their hunting Jolla and tell,you I don’t know,Daniel will formal formal I know she was,make sure I’m sure about ensign,the reality is fear and anxiety,continued to grip the residents of Luhan,despite the best efforts by the,authorities to try and keep the virus at,bay,the death toll shows no signs of slowing,down,meanwhile the scientific community is,now racing against time to try and find,a vaccine that could help fight and,prevent further spread of the disease is,there a chance that an effective vaccine,will be found anytime soon,the good thing about the current novel,coronavirus is that we can make use of,existing knowledge of the SARS,coronavirus vaccine and apply the same,principles to the 2019 novel coronavirus,what they would have to do now is to,actually design it designing is,relatively easy grow it and show that,while growing the vaccine does exactly,what it’s supposed to do and the,prototypes will then need to be,manufactured in large quantities so that,it can be given to a large group of,people but the bad news is according to,experts a vaccine for the novel,coronavirus will take months to develop,and manufacture it will have to go,through several clinical trials before,the vaccine is ready for use in time to,respond to the epidemic,it would take easily 9 to 12 months even,it even if the vaccines are available,now at this various moment it will take,several months for the quantities to be,made talking about several hundred,million doses for the people in China,for the people in Asia and for the rest,of the world,this will take time in the meantime,short of an effective and easily,available vaccine immediate preventive,measures have to be aggressively,enforced China has since ban at the,popular wildlife trade until the health,crisis is over there are also increasing,calls from the international scientific,community for the ban to be made,permanent I think that is to some extent,what happened offices because look at,the the the wildlife trading you know if,more things were done back 7 15 + or 17,years ago maybe anyway don’t we can turn,the clock back men and these animals we,are not meant to be living side by side,viruses like this exist in wildlife you,put the situation of man and wildlife,together in this kind of situations for,a protracted period of time these things,can be happen and I think you know we,are just tempting fate,now as we cross into an animal kingdom,being a Chinese we have a terrible habit,we tend to eat anything that flies swims,or crawls and when we bring dis animals,into our dinner table we bring their,viruses over long as well perhaps you as,the diner will not need to see it,because they’ll be destroyed by the,cooking but the chef in preparation the,animal handler the market that has to,look after all these animals will,invariably be exposed to the virus and,we saw that in SAS 2003 in 2003,they realized that the animal handlers,encountered a form of SARS a variant of,saud before the original one came alone,such that they developed immunity to,SARS and one way to counter this is what,the Chinese government has done a stop,exotic animals from being on to the,dining table perhaps we need to relook,at what we eat,[Music],but ask the battle rages on to bring the,virus under control there are still many,unknowns and questions that need to be,answered for example how lethal is this,virus where did originally come from how,infectious is it will the corona virus,that’s now spreading with frightening,speed in China become a global pandemic,the reality is the virus has so far,killed more than 1,200 people the death,toll has even surpassed SARS both in the,number of fatalities and confirmed cases,within a much shorter period still,there’s hope that the worst will soon be,over is just a question of how and when,for those currently at the frontline of,the battle against the novel coronavirus,the risk is so far greater than,previously imagined given the scale of,the infections still nurses like Joe is,confident that China will turn a corner,and that the battle will be won sooner,or later,what you the war you’re sincere you may,become – and I like a hundred of em how,much income comes on shore up a dta,comes out house official tree the maker,and the Titanic coats out does your home,and bad Jew to develop into the natural,each one ball what should have certain,return 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start to decline one can,only hope that it will be soon there is,a best-case scenario it could,potentially lead to a drop in numbers,but I haven’t seen that we can only,begin to discuss that once we see the,numbers actually falling as of now we,are still seeing the cases coming up and,the mortality of course you know that,small cases come in so until and unless,we see that numbers mitigating we can’t,predict what’s going to happen in the,region yes so this is going to go on for,a while we are what true and rightful we,will no doubt do some of our comments or,relatives or close ones but the world,will come out stronger the walk are not,better okay we will remember those who,are lost but we were with this memories,remembrance we will prevent new ones,from happening,[Music],you,[Music]