Choosing the Ideal Accounting software for your Business

For nearly 15 years we have been involved in using accounting software and training users on how to use leading accounting software packages. When we first met them, their range of knowledge ranged from qualified accountants to those who had never run a computer – let alone run an accounting software package.

Please note that there are thousands of different account packages in the world today and not even one single letter

Is your accounting software suitable for your business?

Businesses who have purchased a package recommended by a particular software vendor, friend, or accountant may have seen time and time again that the work is not done properly.

Think about what you bought, and if it doesn’t fit, cut your losses now. The cost to change later will be even greater. Either you have no time or inclination to create another package, or you are stuck with the inappropriate package, or here we are going to create another new package with a learning curve, data input and so on. Again.

we have seen companies that have changed their accounting package two or three times over the years. What an incredible waste of time, effort and money.

If you haven’t purchased a package yet, make sure your software needs list and show you how to make the software vendor actually perform these tasks easily. If you don’t understand, ask again.

If you usually work in an outside need industry, talk to others in your industry and see what they use.

There are a number of software companies that specialize in accounting software that meet the specific requirements of this or that industry.

If nothing else, keep in mind when choosing your accounting software – you can often buy a rack package from your local computer store for hundreds of dollars and start with thousands of special ist packages. If the hundreds of dollars package is not right for your business, you have wasted your money. No matter how much you spend – invest it ely wisely. These startup costs are just the beginning. The software should do a good job for you over the years.

Designing the invoice in accounting software

The most specific requirements for your business are on the customer invoice. In my experience, some of the common questions people have are –

  • I have a discount or pricing structure and the package handles this situation. Even the need to show two discounts at once. Does the software handle this or do I have to change what I do?
  • I sell a product of different sizes to one product – like in the wood and glass resale markets – the invoice can list multiple listings per row.
  • I sometimes sell the product in bulk packs as a single shipment. Does the software deal with this as a single product? Or do I need to set several similar, but single, products to show the invoice and invoice?


The list goes on. One thing you should understand is that most software vendors out there want or need to buy their package. After the sale, it doesn’t really matter what is best for you or for them.

If you are unsure of what you want and need, make sure that someone else can understand what you want and need. Sit quietly and make a list of everything you need. When looking at a software demonstration, don’t rely on being able to present it all.

Matters to consider when choosing an accounting software

we have experience selling software and after installing it, no one thought to mention that the business needs to be very important to their business. Don’t assume that accounting software does everything. find out.

Don’t just take the seller’s word for it. See it happen on their representation and understand it. If necessary, sit on the keyboard and drive it yourself.

If the way they work around your situation is long winded and strange, maybe you should look elsewhere. If they are too complicated to make it during the demonstration, be sure to speak with the software provider and some of their existing clients who are still happy with the software.

There are people around you who can customize the software to suit your specific needs. Beware – this is sometimes an expensive exercise and often a recipe for disaster.

Be sure to use a package recommended by your accountant only on a working basis with their package, which reduces the amount of work they need to do to pay your taxes. Consider whose interests are best served. Choose a package that works 365 days a year for the benefit of your business, not just a few weeks or a few weeks per year for the benefit of your accountant.

Understand what you are buying and how it will benefit your business. Understand that software needs to be around your business, not your business.

Readymade Accounting software

Take care of packages written overseas – they meet all your tax and accounting needs, and most importantly, do they have a good support network in your country? What happens if legislative changes, tax law changes and the list goes on?

If you go to the recommendation of a friend or business partner, make sure their business and needs are the same for you. Business and software packages are not all the same. Just because it works for them doesn’t mean it will work for you.

There are now a number of accounting packages that claim to have a unique advantage or benefit over the other.

Be careful of your choice – it can be very easy to make the most expensive mistake.