Business suit – Men’s


The typical dress code guidelines for men during an interview are that they wear navy blue or dark blue. This is preferable to ash or charcoal ash. Sometimes brown is acceptable but not in the first interview. Generally, the darker the dress, the more intense it is. But be careful; A man should never wear black for an interview. A two-piece dress is acceptable, like a single-breasted jacket with three buttons. The most important thing is that the suit fits well and is in good condition. The trousers fit comfortably on the waist and are best suited to the slim shape. There should be little rest where the pants hit the shoe. If your ankles show up, they are too short.

A man in an interview should always wear a long sleeve shirt that is white, cream or pale blue. In the first interview, monograms are not a good decision. If you tend to sweat often, a cotton shirt is the way to get professionally cleaned and stained. The shorter the cotton content, the more the shirt will look. Make sure that your shirt fits neatly into the neck and that the sleeves end up on the wrist. All your interview clothes must be professionally cleaned and tightened and ready to go.

Cheap-looking ties don’t make a good impression. A clean silk tie has a strong professional impact, great finish and feel and is easy to tie. The tie should complement your outfit, it will not fit. No external, charming ties. The length of the tie should extend to your pants.

The shoes should be brown or black leather. No other materials or colors are acceptable. The socks should complement the dress, be it blue, black, gray or brown. Shortcuts are a symbol of authority and make a strong professional statement. Brown or burgundy are the colors of choice.

Women and men should keep jewelry to a minimum. There are no visible body pores or tattoos – if you can help it.

This clean-cut, well-crafted image says a lot about a professional man. He must smell wonderful, cut his fine hair and be clean and crisp. Good luck.