Money is something that virtually every person needs. What many don’t realize is that money doesn’t always have to be earned in exchange for time spent working a full or part-time job. There are a multitude of outlets through which a person can replace or supplement income received from a regular job. Often, just a little time and imagination can be converted into real dollars.

Build a Website


Building a website has become much easier to do in recent years. Services like web.com, Wix, GoDaddy and Squarespace, just to name a few, will let you design one for a reasonable price. Once your website is fully functional, your product or service can be viewable and available to the entire world.

Create an App


Turning your idea into an application for a mobile device can be extremely lucrative. Apps can be downloaded for a specific price or for free, with advertisements included. The strongest benefit of a successful app is that it is truly passive income. If the app is highly popular, users will continue to download it long after the initial launch, resulting in more money with little effort besides the modifications that come with necessary software updates.

Seek Out Unconventional Funding


Most great ideas need funding at one point or another to really take off. Traditionally, a business loan from a bank used to be one of the primary forms of obtaining capital for a business startup. Now, crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow entrepreneurs to obtain funding for creative business ideas without all the payback terms that a loan would involve. Also,angel investors can also be another option for receiving startup money as well.

Start a Blog


Writing about a topic you’re knowledgeable in can attract a large following to your blog, and allowing advertising can put extra dollars in your pocket. Services like Google’s (GOOG) AdSense allow advertisers to bid for ad spaces available on your site. The highest bidder’s ads then appear on your blog, and you receive compensation for that placement.

Write an E-Book


If you enjoy writing, publishing an e-book is an extremely cost-effective way of getting your work out into the world. Services like Amazon’s (AMZN) Kindle and LuLu allow you to publish your works without the hassle of dealing with a conventional publishing company. This is another opportunity for residual income as well if your book becomes a bestseller.

Embrace Freelancing


Freelance work can range from anything from web development to writing articles about personal finance. Services like Elance or oDesk allow freelancers to post their qualifications to prospective companies that may need their skill sets. This is a wonderful way to make money on the side without having to leave your regular job.

Share Videos


Whether it’s for entertainment or professional reasons, video sharing can be a creative and lucrative method for producing online content. You can charge a flat fee for training videos on your own site, or you can receive cash from sponsors when posting your videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Check out the Classifieds


From selling old items to cleaning a yard for cash, the opportunities for making money are vast on classified sites. Classifieds are a great way to not only find opportunities, they also enable you to let others know that you’re seeking work. Listing your ideas could potentially reap more rewards than you’d expect.

Join an Investment Club


If you have investment ideas but don’t exactly have the large amount of personal capital to get started, an investment club can be an effective way to collaborate with people who have similar interests. Even if you don’t pool your money together with others, the knowledge gained can certainly be applied to your own investment portfolio.

Show at Local Markets and Trade Shows


Flea markets, farmers’ markets, trade shows and other local markets are great settings for trial runs of your product or service. It’s a more affordable way of testing out your product before going through the costs of mass manufacturing or advertising. These spaces also allow you to network with those in your industry while making name for yourself.

The Bottom Line


As you’ve already imagined, there are numerous options when it comes to making money from your ideas and skills. The Internet’s reach allows entrepreneurs to promote their ideas in exchange for actual dollars on a global level, while unique funding mechanisms and even local markets can help your vision take shape. With an adequate level of imagination and persistence, your ideas have the ability to pay dividends for years to come.