Best Accounting Software for Small Business

Best Accounting Software for Small Business

A business accounting software helps in keeping a track on the entire cash inflow and outflow of an organization. There are different kinds of modules present through which the software work such as General Ledger, Account Receivables, Account Payable, and etc. The software also manages the payroll system and takes care of reporting management. These individual modules are basic and can be customized to match the functionalities of any particular industry .For instance, the fund accounting system of a non-profit organization will vary from that of a government organization .As account management is one of the essential system of a often comes under the enterprise resource planning system.


Core accounting-It’s the basic component of all accounting software, so make sure you’re getting this module. Features include general ledger, accounting payable, accounting receivable, fixed assistant bank reconciliation. Most vender offer this as their basic plan ,while a few vender even give it away as a fermium to get you on board for future paid subscriptions.
Billing & Invoicing-This module can be part of the basic module or as a separate component. It lets you to automate routine collection. Billing and invoicing can vary by industry based on payment methods. Industry standards and practices and scale of operations.
Budget & Forecasting-Often packaged as an add-on this module lets you estimate next year’s budget based on historic data and sales tragets.Astandalone module can consolidate different departmental budgeting and forecasts for an overall company estimates while a bundled features usually only allows a single budget and forecast tool
Fixed Assets-Whether as an add-on or bundled with core accounting, fixed assets let you manage financial information on important company assets. Features include depreciation calculation, audit history and cost. This module is critical if the business has a lot of assets in different forms. Otherwise bundled fixed assets may suffice.
Payroll System- Lets you process employee payrolls, print check, automatically withhold and pay taxes and create legal and tax reports on schedule. The module is often packaged as an add-on or standalone product. A practical future to look Nat is an automated reminder when to issue government payment to avoid penalties.

       1) Fresh Books

Spend less time on accounting with Fresh books; it’s an online invoicing and accounting software for small business. The user can organize and track expenses through Fresh books and its also wonderful platform to get effective reporting .This is easy to use software where you can easily manage your financial record. It’s could-based accounting software where the user can send invoices, track time, mange receipt, expenses and much more.

2) QuickBooks

Save time with QuickBooks online .it’s the smart online solution for small business to control their accounting. You don’t need to install ant additional software and you can view all accounts via online login portal. The user can comfortably track income and expenses of business through this software .it automatically download transaction from your bank account. Credit cards, paypal, square and more .the user can create professional invoice and send them from any devices.

3) Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage business cloud accounting is an online accounting solution designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their financials and stay compliant with taxes and reporting requirements. It comes with all essential features expected of a best-in-class accounting platform such as taxes, inventory, budgeting, cash flow, and invoicing. In addition, you get a wide range of add-ons including credit card processing, HR/payroll, POS, e-commerce, data management and more. With its mobile capability, you can make payments on-the-go and bill customers, and provide your accountants real-time access to accounting books

4) Zoho Books

Really small businesses need really simple accounting software. Zoo Books offers all of the basic features that microbusinesses need as well as advanced tools like project billing and time tracking. It also has integrations, so you can continue using the software as your business grows. We selected it as the best accounting software for really small businesses for its simplicity and value, because compared to other accounting software in its class; Zoo Books has the best price for all of its capabilities.

5) Xero

Mac users often grapple with the issue of stripped-down business software that isn’t as capable or intuitive as its Windows counterpart. Xerox’s cloud-based accounting software, which is available for both PC and Mac, is our pick for the best accounting software for Mac because it’s a full-featured solution that doesn’t compromise on features or ease of use just because you’re using a Mac. It can save you time and simplify accounting by automating tasks and integrating with more than 700 apps.

   6) SAP Financial

SAP Financials is the online-based best accounting software for business. It’s very simple and easy to use for clients. All the users can trust and put their personal data. High security provided to users. Financial software is a solution for addressing critical financial functions, such as core accounting, financial and management reporting and working capital management.


It tool is 100% free, secure and accountant-approved as well as It is one of the best cloud-based and small business accounting system. You can access your data and business from anywhere, anytime, add unlimited collaborators and work on all of your businesses from a single login. It provides production and taxation management for users.


MYOB, Mind Your Own Business, is an Australian multinational corporation that provides tax, accounting and other business services software to small and medium businesses.

9) Kashoo

An easiest small business inventory accounting at the affordable cost for the of accounting. It designed to manage the entire system of the small to medium business and updates all the finance with real-time as well as manages cash flow. It provides accounts receivable, payable email integration and TDS / TCS.

                                 10) Tipalti

Tipalti is a cloud-based accounting management solution that helps users automate their accounts payable process. It offers a variety of features, including invoice automation, payment remittance, regulatory compliance management, tax calculations, and supplier management and reporting and payment reconciliation.