Back Stretches

Back Stretches

There are many reasons to raise pain in the lower back. So, that’s why it is not a rare illness today. We are providing you some important stretches in this article. We hope they will help you to get rid of the pain.

First, we would like to mention some tips before practicing these poses.

Be aware of your injuries or any other reason that makes it difficult to follow the steps.

Talk with the healthcare provider and take advice.

You can do these poses daily. If the pain is increasing, avoid doing it for a day.

Do not put a big pressure to the body to follow the steps.


Child’s Pose

This is a traditional pose of yoga. It will help you to reduce the pain you feel in your shoulders and neck.


Keep the knees and hands on the floor. Sink the back on your heels using the hips.

Allow the belly to rest on the thighs.

Then, extend the arms. They should be in front of your body with the faced-up palms.

Hold for a few minutes. Do not stay much time. One minute will be enough.


Knee to Chest Stretch

This pose helps to reduce the pains in the thigh and hips. It gives them proper relaxation.


Lie on the back and bend the knees.

Take your right knee to the chest. Clasp the hands behind the thigh. Do not lift the hips.

Now you must take a long breath and release any stress or any tension you suffer from.

Then, repeat this activity with the left leg too.


Piriformis Stretch

This is a good exercise for your piriformis muscle.


Lie on the back. Bend the knees.

The right ankle should be placed at the base of the left thigh.

Keep the hands behind the left thigh. Then, pull them up till you feel stretches.

Now you must hold this position for a few minutes like one or three.

After that, repeat it with the opposite side.