Arm Exercises Without Weights

Do you love to have fabulous arms? Who does not! But do you enough time to do the required exercises to get rid of your flabby arms? If the way to have marvelous arms is difficult or hard, you have another option too. Do not worry! We are going to present to you those options to follow without being a member of a gym. You do not need to spend and waste your valuable time at such a place.


Arm Circles

This exercise targets body items like shoulders, triceps, and biceps. First, keep your feet flat on the floor. Extend your arms with an angle of 90-degree to the body. Then, move the arms making small circles, and do it as a fast exercise. Do rotations and reverse the activity. Repeat doing this exercise after taking a break.

Tricep Up

Sit on a chair. Touch the edge in the seat using your hands. Then, stretch the legs. Bend your arms and keep the feet flat on the ground. Raise the body slowly. You can use your triceps here. So, it will be a good exercise for them.

Inverted Row

This exercise is good for your biceps. You will be happy to hear that this exercise can be done at work whenever you receive a break. Lie under a table. Grip the edge of it while taking the upper body up off the floor. Then, you must hold that pose for a few seconds. After that, get yourself down.


This exercise helps to build your upper arm. It improves the strength of it. Keep the feet together using toes. Point them down. The length of the body runs parallel to the floor here. Maintain this alignment. Bend the elbows, and then you must lower the body. It should be within an inch. Reverse and repeat it.


Keep the body as same as in push up. Lower the elbows to the floor. Then, lay the hands flat. They should be placed against the floor. Use the muscles in the arm for this pose.