Accepting Payment Online : Steps to Improve your Customer’s Buying Experience

In fact, the number one way you can improve your client’s online buying experience is to accept credit cards on your site, because most of your customers prefer using their debit or credit card rather than sending mail checks. Credit and debit card purchases are instant and secure; Paper checks are the least secure way to buy from an online seller.

By accepting payments online, customers may forget your site or address, decide to buy from a competitor who accepts online payments, or make a purchase decision.

Once you accept credit cards online, there are several other ways you can improve the buying experience, especially for newcomers to the Internet and fear of completing a transaction online.

# 1 – Explain what happens on the exit and inform the customer on the purchase process.

Provide a brief description of the process and assure the customer that they are on the right track for a successful purchase and let them know when the deal is over. For many people, buying online is something they hesitate to do; Your customers will appreciate anything you can do to minimize their problems.

# 2 – Let your customers know that their information is secure and that their transactions are done on a secure server.

Make sure your payment page is clearly identifiable as a secure web site. Components of a secure website include a web address starting with https; It displays a clickable-click padlock symbol or logo to ensure that the payment page is located on a secure server and that the secure server has a valid security certificate.

It is also helpful if your security page starts with the word “secure” as the first part of the web address.

# 3 – Send automatic thank you notes and personal receipts to your customers

The deal does not necessarily end when your customer pays their money and collects their goods. One way you can follow up with your client is by sending them an automated note thanking their business and contacting you after the sale. It also allows you to specify other services and products that you are selling so that your customer can show interest later. Most vendors don’t do this – walking the extra mile will set you apart from the crowd.

After the thank you note, send a personal receipt once the order is complete and give your customers another indication that their order has been received. That way, they have an instant record of what they bought and can print it for their records.

# 4 – Branding Your Payment Pages

Having a branded payment page will not only make you look more professional, it will increase your conversion rate and reduce your chances of leaving the digit. If your payment page has the look and feel of your website, customers will be more trustworthy and therefore more likely to complete an online purchase. This is especially true for first-time buyers and first-time buyers. Confidence, comfort and confidence play a huge role in the buying decision of all online customers.

A branded payment page lets you determine what information your customer needs to provide in order to complete a purchase, rather than providing the account numbers and other external information required for regular payment services. The simpler and smarter your exit process is, the less likely the exchange will be to drop mid-sale because a potential customer is confused or does not understand what it takes to complete a purchase.

# 5 – Place your logo on your payment pages

A normal payment page can mean a normal company. You want your company to stand out in your customer’s mind and they will remember you and buy from you again. There are millions of regular payment pages online; No one remembers them. Take every opportunity to brand yourself and your business. Generic gray in a colorful world; The branding is done correctly, focused and remembered.

# 6 – Put your business name on your customer’s credit card receipt

An important part of accepting online payments is telling your customers who they paid for when they received their credit card or bank statement. Make sure your payment service provider can include your business name on your client’s credit card or bank statement. This will save you from dealing with charging and give you another way to strengthen your brand and keep your customers in mind.

# 7 – Simplify the exit

The easier it is to get an order from you, the more likely the customer will drop the sale on the order page. Simple is the best; Simple and branding is better.

Keeping those guidelines in mind will improve your website’s buying experience. All that’s left is to find your next customer.