A digital adventure with 3D Printer and printing

The digital world is changing rapidly. Humans are evolving in search of new technology. This latest technology includes the process of printing, which is simply taking a hardware copy of something in software copy. Producing something which is in two dimensional was the method of the past decade and now we are rotating in the decade of three – dimensional strategies. This task of three – dimensional materialism is done using the 3D Printers. It is an electronic machine that works by extruding molten plastic inside a small nozzle that controlled by computers. It prints the first layer and then waits till it dry and then prints the second layer on the surface of the first layer.

When you begin with a printer, you will first need a precise computer-generated modal that will tell the printer what to make. To make your imagination become a reality, there is the requirement and these include a computer-aided, or CAD, software next followed by the process of “slicing” software.

Now we will look into details of this topic. If interested in catching up with these topics, just keep on reading.

3D Printer Files Free

Do you want to 3D prints an object but have no idea about making a 3D file? We are for you! You can use free design files online to create what you need. STL, OBJ or SCAD format is more your fingertips and they are all printer able.

There are even multiple other websites and formats you can use to download designs for free. Remember, For FREE!

  • Thingiverse
  • CGTrader
  • Myminifactory
  • Cults
  • Pinshape

Check these out. They are the 2019 best models for you to create without a problem at all. Best for free!

  1. Headphone stand – get it from Thingiverse
  2. Self – Watering Planter – get this also from Thingiverse
  3. Lattice bowl – get this from Myminifactory
  4. Gothic lamp – get this from Thingiverse
  5. Atomic dice – get this from Cults3D

3D Printer Slicer

A slicer is used for the conversion of a 3D model object into specific computer instructions. A slicer first divides the object as a stack made of flat layers, next by detail these layers as linear movements of the 3D printer extruder and fixation layer or equivalent. All the written instructions, together with some other specific printer commands such s the ones to control the extruder temperature or the initial bed temperature, are written at last in the g-code file that is transferred to the printer later.

Features of a slicer are;

  1. Infill: automatically convert solid volumes to hollow ones which save cost and time.
  2. Supports: easily detachable from the layer at the finish stage.
  3. Rafts, shirts, and brims: automatically add extra detachable structures to minimize problems.

There are different types of slicer applications, some of them are free while some are open – source. You can use Ultimaker Cura, PrusaSlicer, Slic3r and many more to do the slicing procedure successfully.

Library with 3D Printer

Libraries are not just a place of books and studies but a place with modern technology. There are over 800 libraries worldwide with 3D printers for general use according to our records and there could be more.

Is 3D Printing the future.

This technology is revolutionizing the future of home construction which will make it easier and cheaper and affordable. This printing is used in getting essential goods and services to areas of natural disasters and war and refugee status.

Bioprinting is used in the medical field rather than printing using metal and plastic, since a bioprinter uses a computer-assisted pipette to layer living cells which is known as bio-ink, on the surface of the first layer to create artificial living tissue. This process was used to create artificial organs and a group of researchers was able to print a heart back in 2017.

You can even print food but they are uncooked, for example, you can get the dough required for a printer with the tomato sauce but it is still not cooked.

Who invented 3D Printers?

The 3D printer was invented by Charles Hull in the year 1986. Mister Hull was honored for inventing the SLA machine in 1983. Hull was the first to apply for and ultimately be issued patents. He found the stereolithography apparatus (SLA).

These 3D printers became popular back in the year 1980 but not in the general public. The patent application obtained was as “Apparatus for production of three – dimensional objects by stereolithography”.

3D Printer file format.

A 3D file format is used storing information about 3D models. You may already know these formats; STL, OBJ, FBX, COLLADA etc. These formats are widely used in printing, video games, movies, architecture, medicine, engineering, Earth-related sciences. Actually, each industry has its own popular format.

However, not all 3D file formats store data. The formats such as STL store only the 3D model’s geometry and ignores all other attributes whereas, the format COLLADA stores each and every single detail.

SLT and COLLADA are the most popular formats currently used but we estimate that there are hundreds that are used wildly around the world!

3D Printers G – cord

G – Cord is a language that people use to communicate with machines on giving commands to do work. With 3D printing, G – code consists of command to move in printers. This language is widely used in numerical programming language. This is commonly used in computer-aided manufacturing to controlled automated machine tools.

Although G cord is the stranded language for many 3D printers, some machine uses different file formats and commands. This language contains information to position a tool to do work.

G cord provides metric-based numeric control of CAM control equipment like the CNC milling machines.

Who invented 3D Printing?

The origin of 3D printing can be traced back to 1986 when the first-ever patent should for stereolithography apparatus (SLA). This patent belonged to Charles Hull. Mister Hull was honored for inventing the SLA machine in 1983. Hull was the first to apply for and ultimately be issued patents.

These printers became popular back in the 1980s but not in public since. The patent application obtained by Hull was as “Apparatus for production of three – dimensional objects by stereolithography”.

When was the 3D Printer invented?

The 3D printer was invented in the 20th century, in the year 1986 by Charles Hull. The technological development traced its roots back to the renaissance in the 15th century but, the digitalized development came into existence from the beginning of the 20th century.

This development was enough for the finding of created three-dimensional figures using automated machines. So, 1986 became a special year of technological developing.

3D Printer repair

To repair your broken 3D Printer, you should follow a few steps and understand the basic 3D printer fixing process.

First, you need to troubleshoot the issue and know what is exactly wrong in the machine. Then after you know what is wrong, you need to learn how to actually fix it. Sometimes you need to buy new parts while sometimes it is just fixing back together.

  1. Double-check – plugged in, turned on, listen for any sound.
  2. Test a lamp in power socket – make sure whether there is any damage within the socket such as a fuse popped.
  3. Test the power cable – if your power cables fit in any other device just try to check it on something to make sure that there is nothing wrong with it.
  4. Check whether there is a blown fuse in your 3D printer – try to replace the fuse and if the replaced fuse is also not working, then there is something wrong with the circuit.
  5. Test the switch – maybe there is a short circuit in the switch.
  6. Test power supply output – may be the power supply is not sufficient to power up the printer.
  7. Is 3D Printer worth it?

Buying a 3D printer is actually a serious business. If you just use a printer occasionally, then it is just a waste of money because you can rent one for a perfect price but, still, if you need a 3D printer most of time, then the best solution is to buy one.

These cost from $500 till thousands of dollars but it is up to you to make the perfect choice and the price varies from the modal, brand and the size.

How many 3D Printers were sold in 2017?

3D printing industry research shows the market for 3D printers has experienced a rapid acceleration of growth in 2017.

Accordingly, around 1768 metal 3D printers were sold. The market size in the billion US dollars was 10 million.

3D Printer HS code

This stands for Harmonized commodity description and coding system. This is a standardized system of names and numbers to classify traded products.

The HS code on the 5th of October is 84779000 in the unit NOS.

The development of technology is not a straightforward procedure, and the improvement in three – dimensional printing is not a rapid process either. It is our duty to make the right use of technology without misusing it. We look forward to joining with you and share information about technology in the future.