Getting to the helm of the affairs is not an easy task. People can only see success , however, they fail to see how much hard work, patience, perseverance, skill , persistence, habits, etc go behind the achievement.

Being successful is a mix of plethora of things such as hard work, support from kin and kith and discipline. Time and again, many successful CEOs, millionaires and billionaires have vouched for a disciplined life.

Be it reading, fitness, playing an instrument; highly successful people have a disciplined and passionate life.

Here are 5 habits of highly successful CEOs.

1. To the point:

Gone are the days of lengthy e-mails and these days, CEOs talk to the point. They don’t beat around the bush or make unnecessary conversation. Highly successful CEOs are focused and want business done. Period.

2. Reading:

This is one habit almost all CEOs have in common. They gain knowledge from wherever they can and highly successful people are voracious readers.

3. Listen to all opinions:

CEOs take the entire team with them and are good leaders. They listen to everyone and come down to one solution. You cannot dictate your employees.

4. Make your bed:

This teaches you to be organised and clean. You can never sleep sound on a clumsy bed and when you make your own bed, you get a sense of comfort.

5. Family time:

You have to priorities your family time. Be it your spouse, kids or parents, they are best stress busters and care about you. You can discuss things with them and get the most honest opinion. They are not there to flatter you.5 habits of highly successful CEOs